(this document is in development)
I. General Purpose:

To act as a non-profit internet patronage and crowdfunding platform for a juried selection of artists and creators by:

(A)    collecting and managing recurring payments from patrons on behalf of artists
(see Patreon.com as model)

(B)    collecting and managing one-time payments from patrons on behalf of artists for
one-time products and/or events (see Kickstarter.com as model)

II. Additional Services to Artists

(A)    web site presence and online storefront

(B)    crowdfunding management tools

(C)    outsourcing of printing and other manufacturing services

(D)    accounting services, tax preparation, and legal consultation

III. Fundraising Activities

To provide operating funds, the company shall produce and promote a slate of entertainment video series to which patrons may subscribe.

IV. The Need for 50th Street

With the growing trend of artists turning to for-profit internet patronage and crowdfunding services as a source of income, a series of new problems have arisen. 50th Street hopes to act as a non-profit alternative which will address these issues.

(A) Fees and Disclosure

With existing for-profit services, patrons are uninformed as to how much of each
pledge is used to pay transaction fees, and artists are never certain how much of any
given pledge amount they will ultimately receive.

50th Street will pass 100% of all pledge amounts to the artist, adding third-party fees to the
pledge amount at time of payment and informing the patron of such. Patrons who
pledge to multiple artists will have their payments consolidated to reduce fees.

(B) A Degree of Separation

Dealing directly with customers online, artists often find themselves overwhelmed,
and sometimes harassed.

50th Street will provide comment editing and/or blocking services, and will allow
artists to use the company mailing address.

The use of a third-party funding service, in this case 50th Street, provides the artist
with financial privacy from patrons.

(C) A Safe Place

Existing for-profit services are open to any artist. This means that any given artist
can find themselves beset by a “neighbor” whose sole purpose is to harass or ruin
them. (see Anita Sarkeesian at Patreon.com and the family of Michael Brown at
GoFundMe.com) Misogyny and racism are rampant in the online community, and
individual artists are especially vulnerable.

50th Street will provide an invitation-only service for artists, carefully vetting new
invitees, taking the recommendations of existing artists, and focusing on women
and minorities.

(D) Representation

Self-employed artists are especially vulnerable to non-payment from clients, as
well as theft and improper use of copyrighted art.

50th Street will provide collection letters and DMCA requests on behalf of artists.

In the event of non-payment by a patron who used the 50th Street service for said
payment, the artist will receive the full amount of the payment and 50th Street will
pursue restitution. In other words, patrons will enter into a payment agreement with
50th Street rather than with the artist directly. This is common practice in existing
crowdfunding platforms.

(E)  Assistance

50th Street will provide artists with accounting and tax preparation services, as well
as legal consultations. This will be dependent on affordability.

(F) Education

50th Street will provide guidance to artists on dealing with the aforementioned
issues, stressing best practices for prevention.

revised April 2019