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March 2017 news: TWO NEW EPISODES have been recorded: an interview with TONJIA ATOMIC and a special video episode with Jackey Raye Neyman at the Portland MST3K meetup.
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Episode 1: Ben Solovey, the film artist who restored MANOSEpisode 2: Jackey Raye Neyman, Debbie herself!

Episode 3: Sam Beddoes, video game developer

SPECIAL! Video game playthrough with Jackey

Episode 4: Rachel Jackson, puppeteer, creator of Hands of Felt

Episode 5: Richard Brandt, journalist, first MANOS chronicler

Episode 6: Brian Adrian Koch, musician, producer of MANOS on stage

Episode 7: Jackey Raye Neyman

Episode 8: Bryan Jennings, son of the sheriff

Episode 9: Tony Trombo, photographer

Episode 10: Tom Naymen, the Master speaks!

Episode 11: Jackey Raye Neyman

Episode 12: Jackey Raye Neyman

Episode 13: Tonjia Atomic (still to come!)

Episode 14: Jackey Raye Neyman LIVE at Portland MST3K Meetup (still to come!)

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